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Gourmet Syrup

Storms AS has developed and owns the Barista brand. Barista Gourmet Syrup was launched on the Norwegian market in the year 2000. The syrups were developed based on Storm's professional knowledge from the bakery, confectionery and the Norwegian beverage industry. The syrups were launched in many flavors for use in all kinds of coffee drinks.

The first flavors quickly became classics for cappuccino, coffee latte and cortado. The flavors Caramel, Vanilla, Irish Cream and Chocolate have been around since its inception and are still among the bestsellers.

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Product development

New flavors - improved flavors

Barista syrups are available in five different product types: Gourmet Syrup, Chai Tea, Ice Tea, Gløgg and Chocolate Sauce. In total, there are more than 25 different flavors. To see our latest products and flavors, follow the "What's on" tab. Here you will find information about products, tips and uses. On our recipe pages you will find many ideas on how to use the Barista syrups for hot and cold beverages, seasons, holidays and occasions.

Do you have any ideas for new products or uses of Barista Gourmet Syrup? Send us a message, we would love to hear from you, :-)

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