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1 espresso

30 ml varm melk

30 ml melkeskum

10 -15 ml Barista® Gourmet Sirup - velg din favoritt.

Cappuccino is a drink made from equal parts espresso, hot milk and milk froth.

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Gourmet Syrup Cinnamon

Barista Cinnamon is a delicious and intense syrup with rich, warm taste of cinnamon. The rich flavor of the syrup allows it to be used in small doses and still give a distinct taste of cinnamon. Fits well in steamed milk, caffe latte and milkshake or in other milk-free options.

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Gourmet Syrup Hazelnut

Barista Hazelnut has a rich and intense taste of toasted hazelnuts, biscuits and browned butter. The rich taste fits well with coffee, milk and chocolate. Try it in both cold and hot drinks, with and without milk.

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Gourmet Syrup Chocolate

Barista Chocolate is a rich and flavorful syrup with a distinct taste of cocoa and milk chocolate.

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Gourmet Syrup Irish Cream

Barista Irish Cream tasts like coffee, vanilla, cream and Irish spirits. The flavor is designed to complement the aromas of freshly roasted coffee. The rich, complex flavor fits equally well in hot and cold drinks and can be used in coffee drinks with and without milk.

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Gourmet Syrup Caramel

Barista Caramel is a rich caramel syrup with a balanced taste of roasted caramel, cream and fudge. It is perfect in cappuccinos, caffe lattes and cortados but fits equally well in warm steamed milk or in alternative types of milk such as coconut milk, almond milk, soy milk, oat milk or rice milk. You can also use it on ice cream, pancakes or in other desserts and cakes.

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Gourmet Syrup Almond

The almond tree originates from Central Asia. The fruit is a stone fruit and what we know as almond is the seed in this fruit. Barista Almond is a delicate syrup with a mild taste of almond. The smell and taste give association zones to scalded almonds, marzipan and macaroons. The syrup tastes good on its own or in combination with Barista Chocolate or why not try it in hot cocoa.

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Gourmet Syrup Vanilla

Barista Vanilla has a mild and characteristic smell and taste of vanilla. The taste is light and kind and can be reminiscent of vanilla sugar and white chocolate. Vanilla syrup fits into all coffee drinks where you want a mild and sweet taste.

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